Hula Hoop Workshop

Hula hoop for beginners workshop


Learn basic techniques, transitions and tricks to find your hoop flow with Young Hoops. The interaction you have with your hoop is proven to promote balance, control and relaxation. Come join the fun!


Hoops included.


Artist Bio:


Judy Young


Young Hoops is an advocate for art of movement and dance therapy. Beyond her professional achievements, she strives to impart the transformative power of the hula hoop as a tool to discover one’s unique flow. Complemented by her expertise as a yoga teacher, she offers hoop dance lessons and engaging hula-hoop-making workshops.


The sliding scale payment method provides the opportunity for people from diverse economic backgrounds to participate in these workshops. If you are employed full-time, have a stable living situation, and engage in multiple outings throughout the month, we kindly request that you purchase a ticket for 20 euros. However, if you are a student, part-time worker, or experiencing housing instability, tickets are available at a reduced rate of 8 euros. Alternatively, you can choose to pay 15 euros for this workshop. We encourage you to thoughtfully consider your financial capacity when selecting your ticket.


19 October Thursday – 19.00

26 October Thursday – 19.00

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Tickets pricing;

8 Euros

15 Euros

20 Euros